Med-Or supports the Digital Byzantium exhibition

Med-Or Foundation supported the event 'Digital Byzantium', a digital exhibition dedicated to Byzantine tangible and intangible cultural heritage, held in Venice from 22 to 28 August 2022.

Med-Or Foundation supported the “Digital Byzantium” exhibition, as part of the 24th International Congress of Byzantine Studies, which took place from 22 to 28 August in Venice.

Through an innovative hybrid format that combines physical exhibition, digital tools and virtual tours, Digital Byzantium was designed to disclose the memory of Byzantium, an element common to several countries in the Eurasian Mediterranean area.

The initiative develops in an array of projects carried out by institutions and research centers in Turkey and Italy, and explores the topic through the different lens of archeology, art, history, literature, folk traditions, and academics studies.

Digital Byzantium allows the public to use its contents even remotely, building a bridge between past, present, and future. The exhibition can still be visited on the dedicated website.

The support for this initiative is part of the activities that Med-Or Foundation realizes for the promotion of the dialogue and cooperation between Mediterranean countries, including in the fields of artistic, historical, scientific, and social studies.

Click here to visit the exhibition.


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