Med-Or: the report “The Silent Enemy: Presence and Evolution of the Jihadist Threat in the Broader Mediterranean” presented at Luiss University

On Thursday 5 October, the first Special Report of Med-Or Foundation authored by Andrea Manciulli was presented at LUISS University in Rome. Attending the event: Alfredo Mantovano, Lorenzo Guerini, Gilles Kepel, Marco Minniti

On Thursday 5 October, the presentation of the first Med-Or Foundation Special Report, “The Silent Enemy: Presence and Evolution of the Jihadist Threat in the Broader Mediterranean”, was held at LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome.

The report, authored by the Foundation’s Director of Institutional Relations Andrea Manciulli, analyses the state of play of threats linked to terrorism and jihadist radicalism in the geopolitical and geographical space of the Broader Mediterranean.

The event was attended by the Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and Delegated Authority for the Security of the Republic, Alfredo Mantovano, the President of Copasir, Lorenzo Guerini, the Chairman of Med-Or Foundation, Marco Minniti, the distinguished Arabist and expert on terrorism, Gilles Kepel, and the Rector of LUISS, Andrea Prencipe.

The Report describes in detail the actual evolutions of the jihadist phenomenon, both in terms of ideology and of the terrorist organisations currently operating in many areas of the Broader Mediterranean region. It pays particular attention to Africa, which is, together with Afghanistan, the main incubation area of the phenomenon in this stage of history. In recent years, it has been clear to many analysts and experts that there has been a substantial change in the terrorist phenomenon, which has been increasingly widespread, often in combination with different phenomena such as climate change, internal conflicts, and local forms of crime. “The Silent Enemy” makes it clear that in future it will be even more important to devise prevention and counter-terrorism strategies, both at national and European level and at regional level, through engagement and cooperation with the countries directly involved and the main international organisations.

Download the Special Report here


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