The Foundation

The Foundation

The Med-Or Foundation was created by leading aerospace, security and defence company Leonardo in the spring of 2021. The Foundation seeks to promote cultural initiatives, research and education in science, with the goal to strengthen links, exchanges and international relations between Italy and countries in the Med-Or area, which spans the Mediterranean, the Sahel, the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea, as well as the Near and Far East.

The Med-Or Foundation is an innovative, global and collaborative initiative seeking to combine the skills and capabilities of industry and academia for the development of geo-economic and socio-cultural partnerships. The Foundation collaborates with experts and professionals with longstanding national and international experience in the institutional, industrial and academic fields.

Statute of Med-Or Foundation


Med-Or shares and embraces the values of its founding partner Leonardo. The Foundation’s work therefore abides and is inspired by the principles of ethics and respect, competence and merit, innovation and excellence, internationality and multiculturalism, rights and sustainability.