Now online November "Close-ups"

Med-Or’s monthly reports are back: geopolitics, economy, security in the Broader Mediterranean countries

Now online, on the pages of our interactive map, the November Close-ups: the in-depth analyses by Med-Or’s situation room.

In this issue also, Med-Or offers to a wide audience, not only experts, an easy tool for in-depth analysis on the Broader Mediterranean. From the developments of the Middle East crisis, with the latest events and the reactions of all the main countries in the region, to those of individual states’ domestic politics, as far as relations with Italy, Close-ups provides a wide-ranging - and unique in Italy - picture of the main events, dynamics, and trends affecting the Mediterranean region.

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As it lays “a bridge” to Ukraine, NATO also builds one across the Mediterranean

Seventy-five years after its foundation, NATO held a historic summit in Washington. Emiliano Alessandri puts the spotlight on NATO leaders’ new initiatives for the Mediterranean

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Cyberspace Evolution and AI The International Competition and the Regional Posture In GCC.

We are pleased to release the paper by Luigi Martino - researcher at the Center for Secure Cyber Physical Systems (C2PS) at Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi - produced within the framework of the “Digital Geopolitics” project, promoted by Med-Or Foundation, in collaboration with the Center for International and Strategic Studies (CISS) of Luiss Guido Carli, thanks to the support of the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation.

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Way Forward; for the Sake of the People

As the clashes continue in Sudan, it is increasingly necessary to find a solution for the sake of the People. An analysis by Akinyi Omondi

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