Independent since 1960, the Republic of Chad is located in North-Central Africa. It borders with Libya to the north, Sudan to the east, Niger, Nigeria and Cameroon to the west, and the Central African Republic to the south. The population is estimated to be 18 million, divided into 20 ethnic groups. The official language is French.

Thanks to its strategic position and the capabilities of its armed forces, Chad is a key country for the stability of the Broader Mediterranean region. For these reasons, it has become a privileged partner for security operations in the Sahel and Lake Chad regions.

Chad’s economy is still mainly focused on traditional agriculture, with 80 percent of the population depending on subsistence farming for a living. Although the country exports oil, gold, oil seeds and cotton, these activities do not seem to be sufficient to promote adequate economic development. While trade volumes between Chad and Italy are low ($ 9,5 million in 2021), overall relations between the two countries are quite strong and characterised by structured partnerships, especially in the defence and development sectors. In 2017, Italy and Chad signed a defence cooperation agreement aimed at supporting Chadian security forces in the fight against jihadist terrorism in the Lake Chad and Sahel regions. Together with Niger, Chad is also a strategic priority partner for the Italian Development Cooperation agency, which promotes relief projects in the country, focussing mainly on the prevention and treatment of acute malnutrition and on the provision of food assistance and health care, especially to children.


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