Nepal is a Southern Asian country with an old tradition of independence, dating back to 1768. It borders with China to the north, through the Tibet region, and India to the south. The 30,6-million population is ethnically and linguistically very diversified. However, the only official language is Nepalese, which is spoken by less than half the population.

Nepal is a developing country with a large workforce. Most business operate in the manufacturing and tourism sectors. Recently, the Nepalese authorities have launched a massive programme of education and economic diversification, while at the same time promoting an ambitious plan for infrastructure development and the fight against climate change.

Trade relations between Nepal and Italy are stable and have been strengthened since 2018, through the establishment of the Italian-Nepalese Business Association. In Nepal, Italian companies mostly source leather, carpets and textiles. However, Italian investments also exist in strategic sectors of the Nepalese economy currently under development, such as mining, energy, tourism and infrastructure.