Independent since 1960, Somalia is a peninsula located in the easternmost part of the African mainland. It is bordered to the southwest by Kenya, to the west by Ethiopia and to the north by Djibouti. The entire east coast is bordered by the Indian Ocean, while to the north it faces the strategic Gulf of Aden. The population is about 12.3 million and the official languages are Somali and Arabic.

The country is the result of a merger between the TrustTerritory of Somaliland under Italian Administration and the British Somaliland protectorate. Up to today, Somaliland is run totally autonomously from Mogadishu and it claims to be an independent state. The civil war that broke out in 1991, as yet unresolved, has plunged the country into political and social instability, which has favoured the rise of terrorist groups, in particular al-Shabaab, in the south.

Although still characterized by chronic highly negative balances and small volumes, Somalia’s trade with Italy and the rest of the world has been growing fast in the past decade. In addition to economic relations, Italy and Somalia cooperate in the defence and security field, through the Italian participation in UN international missions on Somali territory (UNITAF, UNOSOM II), as well as in anti-piracy operations. Somalia is at the top of the list of priority countries for the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation. Major initiatives have included humanitarian assistance and emergency management, and the implementation of strategic infrastructure to facilitate the reconstruction of the country and foster economic development and institution building. Further initiatives have been undertaken in the agriculture, fisheries and livestock sectors.


Med-Or Foundation and Federal Republic of Somalia signed a Cooperation MoU

Med-Or Foundation and the Federal Republic of Somalia signed a Memorandum of Understanding. Among the main points, the promotion of Italian language in Somalia and cooperation in the field of higher education.

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Italy, Somalia. A special relationship: The event by Med-Or Foundation with President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud

On Friday 10 February, the event “Italy, Somalia. A special relationship” by Med-Or Foundation was held at Luiss Guido Carli University. It saw the participation of the President of the Republic of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud

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Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s visit to Ethiopia marks new Italian proactive engagement in the Horn of Africa

The trilateral meeting between Italy, Ethiopia and Somalia held during Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s visit to Ethiopia highlights Italy’s intention to view this region as strategic for the stability of the Broader Mediterranean. Her visit coincides with the beginning of hostilities in Sudan, which threatens to unleash a new wave of illegal migration towards Italian shores.

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