Italy, France: crossed gazes on the Mediterranean

On Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 April, the second edition of the seminar on the relations between Italy and France in the Mediterranean (MIF) was held in Paris, in the presence of political, institutional, military, and industrial representatives from both countries.

On Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 April, the second edition of the seminar "Italy, France: crossed gazes on the Mediterranean" - MIF was held in Paris at Palais Bourbon, the seat of the French National Assembly. The initiative, promoted by Limes and the French magazine La Vigie, in collaboration with the Med-Or Foundation, is part of the framework of the signing of the Quirinale Treaty, following the success of the first edition of MIF held last February in Rome at the Med-Or Foundation headquarters. The Paris seminar, which was held behind closed doors and by strictly personal invitation, allowed Italian and French experts coming from the geopolitical and security fields to discuss the new dynamics in the Broader Mediterranean, thus developing the informal dialogue network established between Italy and France. The meeting focused on analyzing and comparing the specific interests of the two countries in the political, economic, industrial, security, and defense realms, delving particularly into the topics of the crisis in the Mediterranean and the Sahel, Turkish and Russian activities in the Broader Mediterranean countries, and the position of Italy and France in relation to the emerging geopolitical landscape and the new actors and interests at stake. As in 2023, this edition of the MIF seminar provided an opportunity to promote and stimulate open conversation among all participants, thanks to the presence and contribution of institutional and military authorities, as well as representatives from the diplomatic, academic, and industrial worlds of both countries.


From security to economy: the importance of Critical Undersea Infrastructure

A brief analysis on the risks and strategies for IT cables, pipelines, and the security of the underwater domain.

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Connectivity for the Wider Mediterranean: an event of Med-Or, together with the GMF, Compagnia di San Paolo and NATO PDD

The 24th edition of the Mediterranean Strategy Group, a transatlantic dialogue forum on the Mediterranean, took place in Rome from 3 to 5 June. The event was promoted by the German Marshall Fund and Med-Or Foundation, in collaboration with the NATO Public Diplomacy Division, Compagnia di San Paolo and the Alexander Philon Fund for the Transatlantic Partnership.

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Cyberspace Evolution and AI The International Competition and the Regional Posture In GCC.

We are pleased to release the paper by Luigi Martino - researcher at the Center for Secure Cyber Physical Systems (C2PS) at Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi - produced within the framework of the “Digital Geopolitics” project, promoted by Med-Or Foundation, in collaboration with the Center for International and Strategic Studies (CISS) of Luiss Guido Carli, thanks to the support of the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation.

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