Med-Or presents its new monthly column, “Close-ups”

Med-Or’s monthly column “Close-ups” is now online: geopolitics, economics and security in the countries of the Broader Mediterranean

Med-Or Foundation’s new column “Close-ups” is now online. The Med-Or’s situation room’s monthly analyses can be accessed country-by-country on the recently updated map of the Broader Mediterranean region. With this new tool, Med-Or aims to offer to a wide audience, not just experts, an agile instrument for in-depth analysis and understanding of the key trends and most significant events that have occurred in the countries of the Broader Mediterranean. An analytical effort useful for understanding the complexity and increasing importance of this region and its main players.

Among the Foundation’s many activities, “Ingrandimenti” takes on a significant role precisely because of the breadth of the countries monitored and the target audience it serves. In fact, “Close-ups” covers an area of about 40 countries, which are tracked closely day by day to provide up-to-date insights and analysis every month, useful for understanding the dynamics affecting the countries in the area and essential for the production of Med-Or’s upcoming annual report.


Med-Or Foundation and the Middle East Institute in the joint webinar “Transatlantic Cooperation on the Chronic Threat of Extremism in the Broader Mediterranean”

On December 4, the Middle East Institute hosted a webinar titled “Transatlantic Cooperation on the Chronic Threat of Extremism in the Broader Mediterranean,” in partnership with Med-Or Foundation.

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Now online November "Close-ups"

Med-Or’s monthly reports are back: geopolitics, economy, security in the Broader Mediterranean countries

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Italy and India: between ambitions and common interests. The importance of a strategic relationship

2023 marked 75 years since the establishment of diplomatic ties between Italy and India. In March, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Italy’s PM Giorgia Meloni met in New Delhi. This was followed by various meetings between officials from the two countries, including a visit to Italy by Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar. The importance of dialogue and collaboration between New Delhi and Rome is underlined by their joint interests, ambitions, attention to developments in Africa and the Global South, and by Italy’s new strategy in the Indo-Pacific, which are the focus of this report

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