Independent since 1971, the Kingdom of Bahrain became a constitutional monarchy in 2002. Its territory consists of Bahrain Island and several other natural and artifcial islands, lying in the Persian Gulf, off the north shore of the Arabian Peninsula. Although Shias represent the majority of the population, the country’s 1.5 million inhabitants have a very diverse ethnic and religious background. The official language is Arabic.

The key geographical position it enjoys in the region, as well as its good relations with its neighbouring countries, contributed to make Bahrain one of the most influent political players in the region. In 2020, Bahrain was among the first Arab countries to ratify the Abraham Accords, becoming, together with the United Arab Emirates, the third Arab country to recognize the State of Israel, after Egypt and Jordan.

Like many Gulf states, Bahrain has very close relations with Italy, quantifiable in approximately $ 590 million in 2021. Together with Oman, Bahrain is the only Gulf country whose main exports to Italy – mainly consisting of raw aluminium and aluminium products – are not oil-related. Italy’s main exports to the Kingdom, on the other hand, are in the food and fashion sectors. Business relations between the two countries are currently mainly focused on the infrastructure and the metallurgical sector, especially regarding the promotion of business partnership in the production of aluminum.


The Abraham Accords one year on

One year after the signing of the agreements, a brief analysis of their geopolitical impact in the Middle East region

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Med-Or Leonardo Foundation: Chairman Marco Minniti visited the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain

Med-Or Leonardo Foundation Chairman, Mr. Marco Minniti, paid a visit to the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain between 24-28 of March 2022

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Med-Or Leonardo Foundation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the State of Qatar sign a Letter of Intent

Med-Or Leonardo Foundation Chairman, Mr. Marco Minniti, signed a Letter of Intent with the State of Qatar to facilitate partnerships with Qatari institutions in the fields of high-tech, innovation, and higher education

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