Eritrea has existed as an independent state since 1991, following a referendum that marked its secession from Ethiopia. The country is located in the Horn of Africa and it borders to the north and west with Sudan, to the south with Ethiopia and to the southeast with Djibouti. Eritrea covers a strategic position on the Red Sea with more than 100 islands that overlooks Saudi Arabia and Yemen and 1200 km of coast. The population is about 6 million and the official languages are Tigrinya and Arabic.

Italy exports several products to Eritrea and it has been a partner for the country in the agricultural, commercial and productive sectors. Italy has a long-term presence in Eritrea, linked to the colonial period and subsequent business ventures in the construction, infrastructure and textile sectors.


President Mattarella’s visit to Nairobi: how Italy is relaunching its partnership with Kenya (and the Horn of Africa as a whole)

The visit of Italy’s President of the Republic to Kenya comes at a historic moment when the eyes of the world are on the region. Between symbolic and pragmatic, the visit puts Africa back at the heart of Italian foreign policy.

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Med-Or: proposals from the International Board’s first meeting

The first meeting of the International Board of Med-Or Foundation discussed several issues and proposals. Among these, the launch of Med-Or’s Virtual Diplomatic and Leadership Academy for the Broader Mediterranean

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The role of environmental research in the Mediterranean, from biosciences to earth magnetism

How international scientific collaborations can help people fighting climate change, particularly in the Broader Mediterranean. An analysis by Silvia Camisasca

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