Med-Or Foundation and the Middle East Institute in the joint webinar “Transatlantic Cooperation on the Chronic Threat of Extremism in the Broader Mediterranean”

On December 4, the Middle East Institute hosted a webinar titled “Transatlantic Cooperation on the Chronic Threat of Extremism in the Broader Mediterranean,” in partnership with Med-Or Foundation

The Middle East Institute (MEI), in collaboration with Med-Or Foundation, organized a webinar on Monday, December 4, to discuss the Special Report by Andrea Manciulli, Director of Institutional Relations at Med-Or, “The Silent Enemy: Presence and Evolution of the Jihadist Threat in the Wider Mediterranean.” The focus of the panel was to address the challenges of the jihadist threat in the Broader Mediterranean. The webinar also saw the participation of Emily Blout (Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University, Center for Jewish Civilization), Charles Lister (Senior Fellow, Director of Syria and Countering Terrorism & Extremism programs, Middle East Institute), Brian Katulis (Vice President of Policy, Middle East Institute), and Lorenzo Vidino (Director of the Program on Extremism, George Washington University).

Starting with an analysis of the main topics covered in the Special Report, the speakers examined how the evolution of non-state actors in the Broader Mediterranean affects the trajectory of cooperation between regional players; what steps must the United States and Europe take to prevent the spread of conflicts by terrorist organizations; the possible future scenarios and evolutions of terrorism in the region; and the consequences of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas on the ability of regional states to deal with the jihadist threat.

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Interview with Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. Video

Here the full video of the interview with H.E. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, which took place on Tuesday 30 January in Rome at Med-Or Foundation.


Med-Or hosts Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, President of the Republic of Somalia

Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh speaks at the Med-Or Foundation in Rome, on the sidelines of the Italy-Africa Conference.

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Med-Or strengthens its commitment in the field of higher education with two new agreements signed with the Universities of Roma Tre and Tor Vergata

Med-Or Foundation has undertaken two partnerships for the implementation and development of training and research projects with the aim of strengthening cooperation in the cultural, scientific and academic fields

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