Abdullah al Lafi wishes to Med-Or Foundation

Abdullah al Lafi, Vice President of the Libyan Presidential Council, sends a message to Med-Or Foundation on the day of the inauguration.

In the name of God,
Peace upon you all, good evening.
A sincere greeting to my friend Marco Minniti.

Italy and Libya have a strong geographical and historical bond between them. This eternal relationship is an essential condition for the stability in Libya and the security in the Mediterranean Sea. These relations have led us to turn over a new leaf and sign historic friendship agreements in 2008.

We share a very important economic space in the region. Both populations, the Libyan and the Italian, are aware of this.

The Mediterranean Sea has seen and witnessed throughout history the intertwining of important civilizations and passages of successive migrations, not only as some would imagine from south to north, but also from north to south. The Mediterranean area is in desperate need of stability, unity, and cooperation to establish peace and prosperity. Geographical distance must not divide us, but rather it can unite us, and must unite us in order to create a genuine partnership and sustainable development with major projects in our common space. We see the institution of this Foundation as a great opportunity to be the core of this purpose.

Good luck Med-Or, best wishes Marco.


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