Med-Or fosters the first Executive Course in “Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity” in partnership with LUISS

Med-Or Foundation and LUISS School of Government have launched an Executive Program in “Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity in a Global Digital Age: Policy and Management Solutions”

Med-Or Foundation, in partnership with LUISS School of Government, has launched an Executive Course entirely delivered in English, in Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity in a Global Digital Age: Policy and Management Solutions.

This innovative executive course builds upon the strong cooperation between Med-Or Foundation and Luiss School of Government, which began last year, and will start in September 2022, concluding in October in Rome.

The program is addressed to twenty sector representatives, researchers, and policy makers, from a selected group of countries in the Middle East and Mediterranean region. The course is aimed at providing the necessary tools to examine the new challenges, both regional and global, posed by the technological revolution and by artificial intelligence, as well as the risks connected to cybersecurity.
The lectures will be delivered on subjects cross-cutting the theme, and will be given by some of the best Italian lecturers and professionals in the sector.

For any further details on the course and the call for applications click here.


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